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Indie was a year old last weekend.
She is a mischievous wee thing! But also very sweet and cuddly. Her and Axl get on so well, they are never apart. Axl has taught her the ropes outside and is very protective of her out in the garden. They are the best of friends. Compared to Axl she looks tiny and her feet are about half the size of his. When they play fight though she can definitely hold her own haha!
I just wanted to say thank you again for two beautiful Birmans. They have the loveliest of temperaments and great personalities...A

A little update of lovely Leo.
He is stunning & beautiful cuddly nature, fitted in so well to us & visiting friends, friendly fella...K

Kiri is full of mischief, loves to play with a few toys, hide & seek with Alan, climbing all over my shelves, even the high ones, and into cupboards, the dryer, the washing machine etc, to investigate everything. She loves the computer and my iPad and is always mucking up our touch screen with her nose or tail, and spends hours sitting on the router. She has sought out all the places in the sun to rest but she rushes to greet visitors when the doorbell rings. She loves being combed and also has a strong interest in the vacuum cleaner, so much so that I now turn it on low and she comes to be vacuumed! She follows it around the house and is not at all scared of the loud noise like our previous cats.

She is getting heaps of love, sleeps in the crook of my back every night and wakes me up in the weekend when the alarm is not needed by making little noises and patting me on the face or nipping me gently.   She is such a pleasure to have, being extremely social, whilst leaving lots of white fur on my navy carpet.  We love her to bits and wanted you to know how grateful we are that you let us have her   .. J

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Cat Purring (Cat Purring)